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Jeremy B.

I learned that I can become a better father, husband, son, brother, and friend.  I can also become a better disciple of Christ.  I need to sacrifice more and have more discussions with other men.  I would like to spread more of Christ's love to other people and share with them how God has blessed me.

Dennis S.

It was awesome to have this opportunity to be challenged, encouraged and surrounded by other Christian men.  I can see how necessary it is to live and grow in community.  I have felt defeated trying to struggle on my own, but I know that I need a community of men going forward. 

Dean S.

WOW!!!!  Finally a weekend for real men to get some real life tools!!  It saved my marriage.

Darryl B.

The work is solid in Christian fundamentals.  The men are dedicated to helping other men identify holes in their hearts, character and relationships with others and God.  Then to retrain and refocus to be the best man God intended them to be.  The tools you learn about and can learn to use are priceless.

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